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Ever Curious. Always kind. Forever Creative.

With a lyrical sensitivity to match her musical compositions, BOOKS draws listeners in with unbridled passion and introspective nuance. 

Singer, Songwriter, and Producer BOOKS oscillates between the worlds of childlike charm and  a wisdom beyond her years. From solo to full ensemble, she presents soul-stirring performances, reflective of her varied musical upbringing.

Originally from Nashville, TN, BOOKS began her performance career as a classically-trained dancer and actor. Although a shy kid, she always came alive on the stage. With her roots strong in the church, thanks to her parents, she got her musical start playing there, often accompanying her mother, a beautiful vocalist in her own right. A multi-instrumentalist from early on, she also graced stages with her classical music prowess, so much so that her early compositions were more like scores, a career she originally intended to pursue. It wasn’t until her early teen years that she leaned into her lyric writing, transforming her essays, poems, and short stories into melodies.

Once she began singing, putting everything together, she knew that was where she needed to be to truly express herself. From then on, she continued nurturing her songwriting and compositions. Throughout early adulthood, BOOKS made a name for herself for being as smart as she is talented and finally she decided to embrace the totality of her gifts and use her platform to empower other women BIPOC artists.

Her single “Charm Bracelet,” released in 2018, is a testament to her love gone too soon. After mourning and healing from that loss, she re-emerged, new sound in tow, revealing a woman ready to bare her soul. Her follow up single, “Mercy,” released as part of a Fourth Sunday Music Company compilation, expresses her frustration at the heightened tension of the socio-economic climate during the early stages of the COVID pandemic.

She’s been on stages locally and abroad. And now she’s ready to share all the music she’s created over the past few years beyond the stage.

Now, rounding another corner, BOOKS is releasing her much-anticipated EP in August 2022.

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